Luhta serves growing companies and profit/non-profit organizations to provide the best in sales support services, and grant writing and management.

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Who is Luhta?

Luhta collaborates with you …

organization For organizations, Luhta delivers the best in grant writing and grant management services — everything you need to secure grant funds. We lead you through the complicated grant process. Luhta delves into submission requirements and cuts through the detail to position your organization to meet and exceed grant requirements. Luhta knows that each organization and grant request is different. But we have the experience and know-how to make your grant application best-in-breed.

growing companies For growing companies, Luhta understands the competitive pressures you face. Lots of companies are out there, vying for the same business. Luhta works with you, to understand your business, your industry, and your goals and objectives — to strategize the best sales pursuit direction. You can select from a wide array of à la carte sales support services, from strategy and messaging, to proposal and presentation development. We work closely with you through every step of the sales cycle — to help you win the business and grow revenue.

What Makes Luhta Different?

It's the hook …

Luhta hook

Ask yourself … what makes your organization stand out from the competition? When grant makers sift through a stack of grant applications, which one jumps out at them? It’s the “hook.” That’s what Luhta calls your differentiators. Luhta excels at uncovering the “so what” that brings your organization to the forefront. We closely examine grant requirements to determine a winning approach. Then we bring clarity to showcase what makes you special — in a compelling Executive Summary, and throughout the grant application. We can also manage the entire grant process for you, to the extent you require.

For growing companies, Luhta gets to know you, your company, your industry, and the competition. We figure out where your strengths can be showcased. Luhta creates a solid sales strategy and messaging approach for your proposals, presentations and other sales materials. We’ll guide you on your path to winning the business and growing revenue.

Our Two Cents

It works …

Luhta two cents

Through years of successful sales support experience, Luhta fine-tuned the art of differentiation. Every organization and growing company brings something special and unique to the table. The key is uncovering what that is. It’s not always easy, but it often means the difference between win and loss. Often you may not realize what makes you special. Luhta is the one company that can find the key to securing grant money and growing revenue.

Luhta SISU


Strength …

Luhta’s origins are Finnish, and are based on SISU, which means strong in Finnish. One thing about Finnish people, they’re not big “small talkers.” They prefer silence to filling the conversation with idle chatter. Finns are genuine people who say what they mean and mean what they say.

Luhta translates essential communication to the written word. We get to the point, without cluttering the messaging with “chatter.” Instead, we focus on the key components that set you apart from the competition.